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Sta-bil Fuel Additive 8oz / 236ml

Sta-bil Fuel Additive 8oz / 236ml

Ref: 14230

Sta-bil Fuel Additive 8oz / 236ml is Usually In Stock (BIN D12)

This is a concentrated fuel stabilizer for all sizes of 2 and 4 cycle engines. Treats up to 75 litres of fuel! Recommended by 70 Equipment Manufacturers. Keeps fuel fresh for easy starting. STA-BIL is a blend of scientific additives that prevents fuel from deteriorating. Stored fuel goes bad in as little as 60 days causing varnish deposits and corrosion to build up in engines.

This build-up results in starting problems, poor performance, and reduced engine life. STA-BIL stops the formation of varnish and prevents corrosion.

* Quick measure bottle
* 8 oz / 236 ml bottle
* Treats 75 lites / 20 US Gallons
* Great!

Price: 16.99 / 19.03 (Including VAT at 20%)

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