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HONDA Engines Home Service Kit

HONDA Engines Home Service Kit

Ref: 06211-ZL8-000MP

HONDA Engines Home Service Kit is Usually In Stock (BIN D42)

How to save money and keep your HONDA GC/GCV 135-160 series lawnmower engine in peak condition: Introducing the Honda Home Service Kit. It contains everything you need to tune up the engine and keep performance to the max.

Suitable for any GC / GCV 135 - 160 engine including the Honda Izy range. Includes model nos. that start: GJAF- GJAFE- GJAEA- and GJAE-

The Kit Contains:
* 0.6litre SAE10w30 Oil
* Air Filter
* Spark Plug
* Get your Honda back on the grass with this kit

Price: 24.00 / 26.88 (Including VAT at 20%)

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