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John Deere 1646HS Service Kit

John Deere 1646HS Service Kit

Ref: JDLG196

A John Deere engine service kit suitable for 1646HS, 1742GS/HS models with the B&S 16 hp Single, 17 hp Intek OHV engine.

Kit contains:

1 x JDLG496894JD Air Filter (BS496894s)
1 x JDLG272403s Pre Cleaner (BS272403s)
1 x JDAM107314 Fuel Filter
1 x JDAM125424 Oil Filter (BS492932s, KA490657007)
1 x JDM78543 Spark Plug (NGK BCPR5ES)
Engine Oil

Price: 40.80 / 45.70 (Including VAT at 20%)

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